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Focal Projects

Immersive Video Discussion

Create meaningful, annotated conversation around video. Use Vialogues to supplement face-to-face instruction or as the heart of an online learning experience. A vialogue (video + dialogue) puts you at the center of an immersive video-based discussion that includes time-coded, hyperlinked comments. Teachers can post comments, polls, and surveys to scaffold video content.

Your Front Seat for the Education Revolution

New Learning Times is a mobile publication about today's learning landscape covering the latest innovations in education and learning. Content includes edtech reviews, profiles of learning luminaries, and coverage of new ways to contribute to a learning revolution.


Learn about the People who make up the Teachers College Columbia University Community
Curious about what the Teachers College community is up to? Ednode is an intelligent search and recommendation tool that helps you connect with people who share your interests, academic background, and professional experience. Ednode facilitates peer-to-peer learning outside of the classroom on a safe, social network dedicated to scholarly research.
Research Broker
Connecting Companies and Researchers
Need research assistance? Looking for real-world research opprotunities? Research Broker is an online match-making solution for organizations and individuals who are looking to work together on research projects.
Survey Sidekick
Statistically Significantly Better
Survey Sidekick provides all the tools needed to create and deploy a scientifically sound survey. A design-centric interface and embedded learning resources provide a framework so you can effectively and efficiently conduct your study.